Apart from the individual projects the department has got major financial support from COSIST-UGC, NCMP , UGC IXth and Xth plan;DOEF;DST (FIST) and UGC grant for Strengthening Infrastructure to SAP(CAS) Departments

Details of the Equipment facilities available in the department

 Sl. No..  Name of the equipments with short description  Funding agency
2 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer -Do- COSIST
3 Microscope (8nos.) Olympus UGC IX th Plan
4 Microscope (6nos.) -Do- UGC IX th Plan
5 Rock cutting machine UGC IX th Plan
Cooling Microfuge Remi Sales & Engineering UGC Xth Plan
7 . BOD Incubator Adair Dutt Co. ltd  UGC Xth Plan
8 Electronic Balance  -Do- UGC Xth Plan
9 Digital Balance Eagle UGC Xth Plan
10 Colorimeter AIMIL UGC Xth Plan
11 Simple Microscope(3nos.) Ajay UGC Xth Plan
12 UV-VIS-Spectrophotometer Elico UGC Xth Plan
13 Students’ Microscope   (12 nos.) Labovision Labex UGC Xth Plan
14 Remi High Speed Centrifuge Remi Sales & Engineering UGC Xth Plan
15 LCD-Multimedia Projector Philips UGC Xth Plan
16 Over Head Projector Kindermann (Germany) UGC Xth Plan
17 Colorimeter Elico NCMP
18 Monocular Microscope   (7 nos.) Labovision NCMP
19 UV Finder Box (220 volt) Local make NCMP
20 Colony Counter Box   (220 volt)  Local make  NCMP  
21 Over Head Projector Kindermann (Germany) NCMP
22 Ceiling Mounting Kit for Digital Multimedia Projector Optoma NCMP
23 Pentium 4Computer (2 nos.) Intel NCMP
24 Phase Contrast Microscope Carl Zeiss DST-FIST
25 Fermenter with Air Compressor New Brunswick Sc. Co. (USA) DST-FIST
26 Gas Chromatograph Varian DST-FIST
27 Cold Room Blue Star DST-FIST
28 Computers (5), Server, Scanner, Printer IBM DST-FIST
29 GreenHouse SAVEER Dept. of Environment and Forest ,GI
30 Refrigerated Centrifuge Eppendorf, 5810R UGC- Infrastructure Grant
31 Thermal Cycler Gradient Eppendorf Mastercycler ® Gradient UGC- Infrastructure Grant