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Ph.D. Notice for 2015  

Closing Ceremony of the Centenary Celebration and 69th Annual Reunion of the Department of Botany, CU, 2014 will be held on 15th March 2015 at 35, Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata-700019. The patronization and kind presence of all the alumni are solicited to make this occasion a grand success.

Established in 1914, the PG Department of Botany, University of Calcutta, is recognized for excellence in teaching and research in major areas of Plant Sciences in general. The Department has received funds from UGC [under COSIST Programme in two phases- 1984, 1989] and DST [FIST Programme 2004, 2010(Level 1)] in addition to funds received by faculty members individually or in groups from various funding agencies in form of major research projects.

University Grants Commission/Special Assistance Programme

Centre of Advanced Study -Phase VI:

The Centre of Advanced Study, Department of Botany, owes its inception to the cytogenetics laboratory of the Department of Botany, University of Calcutta, since Professor A.K. Sharma (the then Sri A.K. Sharma) joined this University in 1948 as Assistant Lecturer after the departure of Professor P.N. Bhaduri to Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, under whom he had his initial training in chromosome study in this university. Since then , the emphasis of this laboratory was focused towards innovation of new methods for chromosome analysis, from any organ of the plant Since inception till date, the Centre has been holding programmes of regular workshops, seminars and Colloquia on different aspects of emerging areas of Chromosome Research  for the benefit of teachers and researchers alike. 

Since inception in 1980, the identified thrust area had been on Cell and Chromosome research. In the Phase VI, the review committee had expanded the scope of the programme with the identified thrust area as “Plant genomics and Integrated Biology”. As opined by Professor AK Sharma, FNA, in the First Meeting of Advisory committee (2011) of the CAS Phase VI programme, with introduction of integrative biology, all the faculty members who will be interested in working in an integrated programme of research will also participate. Prof. Sharma hoped that “with the introduction of expanded thrust area, the tempo of research will gradually be expanded.

UGC/SAP/CAS-PhaseVI: Date of First Approval by UGC with level at inception: 1972-DSA & 1980-CAS Subsequent dates for Review: 1985; 1990; 1996; 21st and 22nd March, 2004; October 8th and 9th, 2010 Date of implementation of current phase as noted by UGC: 01.04.2010 Amount allocated for 5 years: 01.04.2010-31.03.2015 Non Recurring: Rs.66.50 lakh Recurring: Rs.81.75 lakh Total: Rs.148.25 lakh. Total Grant received since Inception: 309.90 lakh IWC Replica Watches

Thrust Area(s)

Identified since inception


Modified to, if any, & when UGC approval ref. no. & dt.

Cell and Chromosome Research

Plant Genomics and Integrative biology


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 Broad Objective

Thrust Area: Plant Genomics and Integrative Biology

Broad Areas of Research :

 1 Plant Genomics.Chromosomal explorations ,Transgenics 

2 Genotoxicity and Stress Biology

3 Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Bioprospecting 

4 Integrative   Biology –Genomics and Proteomics and Integrative plant biology

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